JONCKERS Concierge


Localization ConciergeJONCKERS Concierge is a unique service that ensures that every customer has simple and easy access to the localization offerings they need at the time they need it.

Thanks to technology such as our cloud-based translation portal JONCKERS Bento, some of our customers who are familiar with localization choose to manage their projects using our self-service model.  For those users, we provide training and support on how to request and receive localized content, and a JONCKERS Project Manager is always assigned as a primary point of contact.

However, some of our customers prefer to make requests through a live agent, instead of using the portal directly. This option, JONCKERS Concierge, is perfect for users who are not familiar with localization or for whom localization is not part of their core job description. A JONCKERS Project Manager is still assigned, and the same cutting-edge portal technology applies – the difference is that the whole process is handled by the JONCKERS Concierge while you, the customer, can sit back, relax and focus on other tasks.

The Concierge handles the process of tracking jobs on behalf of users from start to finish and is available during normal business hours in three global regions: America, Europe and Asia. The system is fully scaleable and can be extended to incorporate a full-service, outsourced localization program management office.


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