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Jonckers Team

The Board

Geo Janssens
Chief Executive Officer

Geo joined Jonckers in 2002 and in that time has occupied leadership positions throughout the organization. Based in Brussels, Geo drives the relationship with customers through a consultative approach, competitive pricing and high quality services. Geo is, as Chief Executive Officer, responsible for executive management of JONCKERS.

Miguel Reynders
Board member and Chief Counsel

Miguel serves as General Counsel to Jonckers and has also served as Chairman of the Board. He serves as Senior Partner at Reynders Co; a Director of S.A. Belgian Urban Renovation Company; S.A. Best of Internet; and B.V.B.A. Rodapa Beheer. He has served as Director of Ausy S.A. since June 27, 2001.

Marc Jonckers
Board member and
Chief Strategy Officer

Marc founded JONCKERS in 1994 and guided the company as CEO until 2013 before becoming Chief Strategy Officer. In addition to his duties at JONCKERS, Marc works with a number of government committees, advising on issues relating to global business.

Executive Management

Chiara Raimondo
VP of Operations

Chiara has been with the company since 2015, bringing 10 years of industry experience with her. She heads up the global Business Units in frontline experts and account management to drive excellence.

Cory Mun
Chief Customer Officer

Our Chief Customer Officer Cory has been with Jonckers for 10 years with double that amount of time in the industry. His team covers all client services and business management across 4 continents.

Bertrand Mullier
Chief Finance Officer

Bertrand is Chief financial officer and has been with JONCKERS since 2008. Based in Brussels he heads up Finance, Administration, Human Resources and ICT.

Martin Vesely
Director of Strategic Operations

With 22 years industry experience, 13 of those with Jonckers, Martin is one of our longest serving team members. He has held various positions within the company but now oversees our dedicated strategic ops team.

Patrick Image
Patrick Gardiner
VP of Resource Management

Patrick has years of language industry experience, he joined Jonckers in 2017. His role is to ensure quality and consistency delivering excellence and efficiency using Jonckers technology and resources.

Igor Kupecek
Quality & Process Director

Igor joined Jonckers in 2003 having previously been a successful figure with a competitor. With 18 years industry experience, he leads Process control and implements quality for internal and external processes and actions.

Jack Wang
VP of Technology

Jack Wang has more than 17 years’ experience in localization. He joined Jonckers in 2006 and held various managerial positions in operation and business unit management. As VP of Technology, Jack drives client facing solutions and MT engine development in Jonckers.

Senior Management

Martyna Image
Martyna Pakula
US Business Unit Director

Martyna has been with the company for a number of years, her experience spans several roles including Program Manager and Business Manager. She now heads up the local Business Unit in San Mateo driving excellence and business in the Bay Area.

Véro Huyghebaert
Procurement & Language Services Director

One of the first to join Marc on the Jonckers journey, Veronique has been in the industry and with the company from the start. Her reach and responsibilities in the company cover recruitment and procurement as well as language services.

Florent Bertin
Global ICT Manager

Based in Hanoi, Florent joined Jonckers over 5 yeas ago in Vietnam to manage our Global ICT Team. He has over 15 years experience across European and Asian IT departments.

Jana Brabcova
HR Manager

Jana has been with JONCKERS since 2014. Her experience in various roles within the business has led her to the role of HR Specialist, coordinating global human resource operations.

Bao Tran
Resource Management Director APAC

Bao has been with the company since 2015 and heads up our APAC production team. Over 70 staff report into him in our Hanoi, Beijing and Tokyo offices, who are a vital part of our testing and engineering offering.

Richard Renda
Global Marketing Director

Richard is Jonckers Global Marketing Director, providing support and exposure to the company sales and business management team. He has previously managed marketing responsibilities in the Fashion, Retail, Technology and Communications sectors in a career spanning over 15 years.

Yanlin Cao
Strategic Account Director

Yanlin is in charge of maintaining and building relationships with our strategic accounts. Working with Cory to ensure client needs and results are met and standards are instilled.

David Brown
Quality Director

David is Quality Director and has been with JONCKERS since 2003 and in localization for 20 years. Based in Brussels he heads up Quality Management and the Technical Expert team.

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