Locworld Seattle Review - Jonckers

Locworld Seattle Review

Locworld Seattle Review

The global Jonckers team assembled at Locworld 38 in Seattle in October. Members from the UK, US and EU offices linked up to exhibit, network and educate at the two day event. Expanding our presence at the industry’s largest gathering has always been the plan and this is our fourth attended consecutive conference, establishing us as a regular force at Locworld.

During the two day gathering of industry professionals, Jonckers showcased the WordsOnline platform, with the premiere of the Marketing Video and system USP communications. The buzz of activity around the Jonckers stand was steady and positive. We had suppliers, competitors and clients all intently digesting the information we were giving them on our new flagship product. The well received video generated quite a flurry of activity on day one, leading to some great contacts being made with prospects.

We continued our sponsorship support for the event by hosting our third After Dinner Drinks Event which was enjoyed by all. Attendees from Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook rubbed shoulders with our VP of Operations as well as our US Team to network (and dance) the night away. Live music from the amazing Triple Treat Soul and Motown Band topped off an amazing evening and we retained our crown as entertainment kings with praise from everyone in attendance. These events allow us to socialize with key prospect personnel outside of a business environment and yet again we delivered a relaxed and stunning setting to host what is fast becoming the highlight of the Locworld calendar.

Day two saw an influx of localization professionals from internal departments at some of the worlds leading brands. We had positive conversations with representatives from Panasonic, Adobe, MS Office and players from the gaming and Elearning industries. Once again, the core message was the communication of WordsOnline. We really sold the platform and drove the message of its strength in today’s market. Our team supplied comprehensive overviews of the platforms capabilities and unique features and each prospect walked away with a custom USB with the WordsOnline information embedded, we are now seeing a return on this activity with post conference contact from interested parties.

All in all, another really successful Jonckers event. Special mentions go to Office Manager Lauren Smith in the US for her amazing efforts in planning and delivering the whole schedule. Without her input the results could have been very different. Global Marketing Director Richard, VP of Operations Chiara, VP of Resource Management Patrick and Zilina based Service Delivery Manager Marcela all made the transatlantic trip to support the conference and US team with great success. Hopefully we will begin to reap the benefits of another expertly executed event very soon.